Flower Farm – Bracebridge – Muskoka


Welcome to Casa Niya Farm, where beauty blossoms in every bloom. Nestled amidst the scenic Bracebridge, our family-run cut flower farm cultivates a vibrant array of seasonal blooms, each nurtured with care and passion.

From delicate spring tulips to lush summer dahlias and autumnal sunflowers, our farm boasts a diverse selection of fresh-cut flowers, perfect for weddings, events, or simply brightening up your home. Committed to sustainable practices, we prioritize organic growing methods and eco-friendly packaging, ensuring that every stem is not only stunning but also environmentally conscious.

Whether you’re a florist seeking premium blooms or a nature enthusiast craving the beauty of freshly-picked flowers, we invites you to experience the charm of our floral haven.

What We Offer

Farmers Market

Farmers' Market

Spread the beauty

Meet with us at the following farmers’ markets:

Bracebridge Farmers’ Market
830 to 130, every Sat. from Jun 1 to Oct 9

Grab some seasonal beauties whether you are a fan of locally grown, on a vacation, or visiting friends and families. Brighten up the days with gorgeous blooms and share the beauty with your loved ones.

Special Occasions

Brighten up the day

Looking to add a touch of floral elegance to your special occasion? Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, baby shower, or wedding, we’re here to help make it unforgettable. Customize your order to fit your unique vision, or purchase buckets of flowers for your DIY projects. Let us bring your celebration to life with beautiful blooms!

Spring Subscription

Flower Subscription

Enjoy every day

Flowers deserve a special place in our lives and do not need to be reserved for special occasions. Enjoy beauty every day with locally grown and freshly harvested blooms right from the farm featuring new delights every week. These are the perfect gifts for yourself or your loved ones.

Cut your Own

Cut Your Own

Create your masterpiece

Why not visit the farm on one of the relaxing summer Sundays, stroll through the stunning flowers, smell the freshness and let your creativity take over? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on when we are open for Cut-Your-Own and what flowers are in bloom.

Cana Niya photo events


Treasure the memories

We’re delighted to share our farm with photographers and their clients for beautiful and precious memories, with fields of flowers, a rolling forest, a rustic barn, a charming farm stand and many other scenic photography options.

Farm Stand

Farm Stand

Share the abundance

Check out our farm stand for a delightful array of fresh produce and floral creations! We offer everything from beautiful flower bouquets, jar arrangements, and straight bunches to dried floral art, along with homegrown tomatoes, herbs, and seasonal veggies. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on our opening dates!

Contact Information

2465 Fraserburg Road, Bracebridge Ontario P1L 1X3
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